The initial road test went off without a hitch. All that was necessary was a minor adjustment to the kickdown cable. It ran hard with unbelievable throttle response. I wanted to "go" with just a crack of the throttle Mind you, these things don't actually make boost at idle. They're moving some air but it's not until you put your foot in it and get the RPM's up does it start building measurable pressure. However, it was clearly making more power  We logged a number of highway and city cruise miles. Austin and I had permagrins. When we got back we did notice brake fluid leaking past the caps on the master cylinder. I fabbed some shims go behind the cap gaskets to tighten them up.
On our second road test we stopped by our buddies at Cascade Powder Coating / Spyder Industries where they snapped this photo and sent it to Summit Racing where it ended up on Summit Racing's Facebook page - which was cool.

While out and about we shot the video below.
After some cruising we found brake fluid leaking once again from the MC caps. Obviously, tighter caps was not the answer and decided that maybe heat from the exhaust was simply boiling the fluid (DOT 5) out of the vents. So, we added this stainless Mopar Performance heat shield which, so far, seems to have cured the problem..
Here's a very brief video from the second road test (on busy city streets). Better vids will come later - but it's really nothing like being in the car.......
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