power wash
In the spring of 2003 the first order of business was a thorough power wash, both outside and under the hood. Here, my son Austin (6 yrs.) shows me how it's done...
pulling engine
Of course, being the show-off he is, he had to prove he could pull the old drive train all by himself too...
austin rust proofs
After gutting most of the interior we applied some Eastwood Rust Encapsulator I had laying around to portions of the floor pans. The floors were rust free (surprisingly) but the factory paint/primer had dried in spots in a very unusual manner. If water were to sit long, they would have rusted. Just a little extra measure of security.
Since any work beyond this would be "beneath" Austin. I was on my own from here on out.
Disassembly continued in preparation for soda blasting the engine compartment and other key areas. I also removed old primer and bondo to find out what was underneath. Some of it was hideous, which you will soon see...
ready for soda blast 02
ready for soda blast 01
The mobile soda-blasting dude showed up and cleaned up the engine compartment, core support, rockers, and portions of the fenders lickedy-split. Note the lack of eye protection. I also wanted him to strip the inner structure of the hood (only) so as not to warp the outer skin. Still warped it. Looks like I would have to order that bolt-on fiberglass hood with Six-Pack scoop from AAR in Florida after all. Darn.
The guy also managed to dump a few gallons of compressor oil from his ancient truck on my driveway in the process, thanks.
soda blasting
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